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Risk Mitigation

Property & Casualty | Workers Comp recovery | Tax Advantaged Plans

We offer several differentiated and tax-advantaged strategies to help protect your business from risk, while making your premium dollars work harder for you – even returning premiums to your business.

  1. Key Person Insurance – Protects the business and makes it the beneficiary in the event something happens to the owner or key persons
  2. Corporate Owned Life Insurance Policies (COLI) / Executive Bonus Plans – set up so the business or employee can receive tax-deferred cash values or tax-free death benefit proceeds
  3. Buy / Sell Planning – determined by your specific set of circumstances
  4. Property & Casualty / Workers Comp Insurance / Other uninsurable risks – Some businesses over-index in terms of costs/risks in these areas. Please see below to learn how we can help.


Being in business involves a significant amount of risk. Some of the risks below may not be covered commercially – and even if coverage is provided, the costs may be prohibitive. A few examples are:

  • Data theft
  • Reputational risk – online or otherwise
  • Risk from loss of supply from a key supplier
  • Risk from loss of business from a key customer
  • And many more…

Evergreen Wealth can help develop IRS approved tax advantaged structures to provide more holistic coverage for your business, while ensuring that premium dollars do not leave your business. What is more, we may be able to help you lower your Property & Casualty (P&C) or Workers Comp insurance costs as we enable better coverage.

To find out more about our Risk Management Services, contact us here to set up an initial consultation.

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