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Most people never want to outlive their money. For business owners, keeping top management and your fellow partners happy is a critical aspect of running a great company. Besides, why work so hard if it doesn’t enhance your life and improve your wealth?

Business Planning

At Evergreen Wealth, we specialize in implementing tax-advantaged ways for companies and their owners to solve complex issues in a confident and clear manner. We leverage a unique plan to help individuals understand their fiscal fitness while utilizing Tax Planning and Risk Exposure strategies to create a comprehensive blueprint that converts into a highly customized Investment Philosophy to meet all of our client’s goals.

Ask us how we can help you with:

  • Executive Benefit Plans
  • Tax Advantaged Owner Retirement Plans
  • Personal Risk Mitigation
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Transfer

Retirement Planning

There is a significant focus on gathering assets on the way to retirement. There is less thought and consideration provided to income planning and planning for retirement pitfalls including higher medical costs, market downturns and ensuring in general that clients can never outlive their money while keeping the same standard of living they have grown accustomed to.

If you were climbing a mountain – would you not want a guide that can make sure that you can safely climb down the mountain. If your guide was able to point out key concerns on the way down and offer solutions, would you pack differently knowing that you would need a different set of tools to climb down the mountain safely?

Ask us about how we engineer solutions to ensure that maximizes your retirement income while using the minimum amount of resources to generate that income

Estate Planning

Another key aspect of Retirement Planning is Estate Planning – this includes Wills, Heath Care Directives and financial proxies. Asset Protection strategies including trusts and tax advantaged wealth transfer plans can be an integral part of planning for some families. 

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving can also be an important component of families wealth and retirement planning.

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