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Why Evergreen?

Evergreen Wealth has over twenty years experience in financial services; when combined with our best-in-class partners, it stretches to over a century! We and our partners have helped business owners and families to help them secure their future for retirement, legacy and protect them from risks.  We have access to intellectual capital from experts which we leverage to guide our clients towards lowering their taxes, greater cash flow, and getting your money to work harder for you.  We offer specialized advice to business owners who also may be thinking about high tax outlays, business continuity and employee satisfaction…We do all this while focusing on the most important goal - delivering financial freedom and more personal wealth to you!

Evergreen Wealth has worked diligently to create a revenue model that is transparent and aligns our interests with yours and we hold ourselves to the highest standards with every service we offer. As one example, we leverage the RIA standard in wealth management – to deliver the highest fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Unlike other one-size-fits-all service providers, Evergreen Wealth tailors everything to each client’s unique needs. The positive impact on your personal and professional life will become immediately apparent as our services deliver value and quickly pay for themselves.

The bottom line is: we are there for you. We work hard to earn a client’s trust and work even harder to keep it.  

Case Studies

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

An IT service provider had been seeing double digit increases in health insurance costs; on top of this, employees were unhappy with out-of-pocket expenses. After a careful analysis, we recommended a Return of Premium plan, saving the client over 18% upfront. (The return of premium component would add another 10 –15% in savings). This influx of funds allowed the client to develop a Medical Reimbursement Plan, which made their employees happy that their interests were taken care of.

The client was initially faced with the possibility of a 10% cost increase – by the time we were finished, we delivered savings in the range of 18 – 33%.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

One client who asked we rethink their overall risk management, inheritance, and tax strategy could not be more pleased with the outcome. What they most appreciated about Evergreen was the detailed processes we used to help identify and eliminate pain points that they were losing sleep over. They have implemented our plan, which has saved them several hundred thousand dollars in taxes and helped to get their retirement and wealth management plans on track. They have also asked us for ideas on business transition and have referred our services to others.

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